A1S4 Protection PAC

Every Race is Important  –  Elections Have Consequences  –  Leadership Matters

2024 Endorsements

U.S. Senate:

Frank LaRose: A


U.S. Congress

District 7 – Max Miller: A

District 8 – Warren Davidson: A

District 14 – David Joyce: A


Ohio Senate

District 2 – Theresa Gavarone: A+

District 4 – George Lang: A

District 32 – Sandra O’Brien: A


Ohio House

17 – Mike Dovilla: A+

78 – Matt Huffman: A


The opponents that wish to restrict our Constitutional rights are numerous, well funded, and relentless in their attacks. The way we fight is donations from you to fight and counter their claims and give you a voice. We hope you consider donating to us to keep the fight going because we can tell you our opponents will never stop. 

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