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ALERT – Act Now!

Deadline December 7, 2023

We need your help on or before December 7, 2023, to contact your US Senators and Representatives as well as The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (“ATF”).  The ATF is proposing new regulations that change who is required to have a Federal Firearms License (“FFL”) in order to sell a firearm. These regulations have not been adopted and with your help the regulations may be rejected. 

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House Bill 99 Information

If you are looking for information regarding House Bill 99 regarding the new school security we have the entire text below for you to download. We were lobbying hard and working behind the scenes negotiating this through the legislature. It was one of our primary objectives. Below is a link to download the PDF version of the bill.

The opponents that wish to restrict our Constitutional rights are numerous, well funded, and relentless in their attacks. The way we fight is donations from you to fight and counter their claims and give you a voice. We hope you consider donating to us to keep the fight going because we can tell you our opponents will never stop. 

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